Kettingsmeerwiel ISO 08 B-2; (1/2 x 5/16)


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ISO 08 B-2; (1/2 x 5/16)

Kettingsmeerwiel inclusief as met draad M6 / M10

Chain lubricating pinion
The rollers from open-celled PU foam transfer the lubricant in a point-wise manner to the surfaces of the lugs of roller chains. 
The mechanical force to drive the rollers is ensured by a low-wear plastic pinion.
The chain lubricating pinions are, dependent on size, available for simplex and duplex chains.
The optimal contact pressure of the lubricating pinion can be individually adjusted using a tensioning element. 
The tensioning element can also be used for a sprung positioning of the lubricating gearwheel.
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